Recommended Recordings

Lev, our conductor has suggested a few interesting recordings of our concert repertoire for you to listen to. Getting to know the piece as a whole is great preparation and knowing what else is going on in the orchestra gives more relevance and dimension to your own line.

Vaughan Williams, The Wasps Overture

Hallé, Sir Mark Elder

This is the kind of thing that people who like this kind of thing will like


Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition: Ballet of the unhatched chicks

New World Symphony
Director: Shaun Seong-Young Kim

This is rather fun!


Respighi, The Birds

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Louis Lane

This is the best one found on YouTube and it has a pretty picture

Elgar, The Wand of Youth

London Symphony Orchestra, Elgar

Historical interest department…


Stravinsky, Circus Polka

Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Stravinsky



Patterson, Three little pigs

London Philharmonic Orchestra, David Parry
Chris Jarvis, narrator